County Clerk

what we do

The County Clerk’s office offers a variety of services to the public.   Administering elections on the Federal, State, and County level is one of the prime services/responsibilities of the county clerk.  Both residents and non-residents of Bayfield County, or the State of Wisconsin, may come to the Clerk’s office to acquire a marriage license.   For a fee of $8, a citizen may come to the County Clerk’s office to get a passport photo.  While domestic partnerships are no longer allowed in the State of Wisconsin, it remains the County Clerk’s responsibility to terminate these partnerships, particularly through the issuance of a marriage license.

additional responsibilities

The County Clerk also serves as the clerk to the Bayfield County Board of Supervisors.  By acting as such, it is the Clerk’s responsibility to draft, publish, and post agendas; see that resolutions are in proper form; and notify the public of upcoming meeting dates.  Accounting for receipts and expenditures throughout the Bayfield County offices is one of the stricter tasks of the Clerk’s office along with payroll accounting and monitoring purchases made throughout the County.