The County Treasurer acts as the County's banker, receiving and disbursing all funds as provided by state law and county ordinances; providing for daily cash requirements of Bayfield County, and investing public funds not used for daily operations. The Treasurer's Office collects delinquent property or real estate taxes in Bayfield County's 28 municipalities as required by State Statutes. The County Treasurer also maintains property tax data that is accessible to the public at the Courthouse office.

To access property tax information from 2006-present, go to Property Tax Search.

You can also find old tax rolls online for most municipalities from 1970-2005.

Property Tax Payments

Property tax bills are mailed by the town, city, or village treasurer in mid to late December. Either payment in full or first installment must be made to the proper town, city, or village treasurer by January 31. The second installment is due to the Bayfield County Treasurer by July 31. If any payment due date is not met, the unpaid property tax balance becomes delinquent and accrues interest at a rate of 1% per month retroactive to February 1.

Credit Card / E-Check Payments

Point and Pay is our credit card/e-check processing provider. A convenience fee of 2.39% will be charged for credit/debit card payments. A convenience fee of $1.50 will be charged for an e-check. 

If you are paying multiple parcels, click on "Add More Items to Cart" to enter the information for each Tax ID (parcel). If you have multiple parcels and choose to lump the payment together, please indicate all Tax ID numbers in the "Tax ID Number" box. There are also features of edit, save, and delete if a correction is needed before your transaction is complete. A transaction is complete when you receive your confirmation number; make sure you write it down.

To pay second installment or delinquent payment, go to Pay Taxes.