Bayfield County HYBRID (OWI/DRUG) Treatment Court

Bayfield County Hybrid (OWI/DRUG) Treatment Court Overview

Bayfield County offers a Hybrid (OWI/DRUG) Treatment Court that was developed as a hybrid problem-solving diversion program. The mission of Bayfield County Hybrid Treatment Court is to collaborate and implement a research-based intervention to break the cycle of recidivism, hold offenders accountable and keep our community safe. The treatment court structure depends on extensive supervision, consistent monitoring and intensive treatment. Bayfield County Hybrid Treatment Court identifies, intervenes, incarcerates, and rehabilitates offenders appropriate for the program.

Bayfield County Treatment Court Team


Bayfield County Hybrid (OWI/DRUG) Treatment Court Goals and Benefits

Our target population of participants includes repeat OWI offenders, offenders with substance abuse or dependence, and offenders with mental health concerns. 

Bayfield County Hybrid Treatment Court holds offenders accountable and develops an intensive treatment plan that focuses on resources for rehabilitation. It involves collaborative team decision-making, case management, extensive court oversight, and requires motivation and commitment from the offender to successfully complete an intensive program designed to end his or her cycle of substance abuse and criminal behavior. 

Bayfield County Hybrid Treatment Court provides recovery from addiction, improved mental and physical health, and an opportunity to become productive members of society. The Bayfield County Hybrid Treatment Court team consists of the criminal justice coordinator, treatment court case manager, the district attorney, the assistant state public defender, the department of corrections, mental health provider, law enforcement, and circuit court.

Previous Treatment Court Participant Comments

"My addiction to Methamphetamine had quite a hold on me. Treatment Court made my life have a purpose and hold me accountable. It was a life changing experience for me. I remain involved in a sober community, employed full time, and will be discharged from probation very soon."