Land Use Permit Information

2023 Regions

          McKenzie Slack Inspector for Eastern Region (Brown)
          Tracy Pooler Inspector for Western Region (Green)                                                                                                                      Alessandro Hall Inspector for Northern Region (Gray)

Obtaining a Land Use Application/Permit

ALERT: The Department is transitioning the application submittal process. As of April 15, 2023, no new applications will be processed through the existing online portal.

NEW applications can be submitted by email (, printed and mailed or dropped off at the main Planning and Zoning Office. Pdf and pdf fillable applications/forms can obtained here.

EXISTING applications submitted prior to April 15, 2023, through the online portal. Applicants can manage these existing applications via this link.

  • Stop by the Planning and Zoning Office to Apply.
    • Have a copy of your tax statement or your Tax ID# (number) available.
  • See the Administrative Regions link to find out the days and times an inspector is available at their satellite office.
    • Have a copy of your tax statement or your Tax ID# (number) available.

Payment Options

  1. Submit a check made out to Bayfield County Zoning Department
  2. Submit an online payment via Allpaid:
    • Make Payments Simple (24 hrs a day, 7 days a week)
    • Pay by phone at 1-888-604-7888 or on-line at Allpaid (PLU Code: a002nu) 
    • Allpaid accepts the following: credit, debit & prepaid debit card. (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express).
    • A service fee is charged for all transactions and an additional fee is charged for phone.


The Planning and Zoning Department Staff will ask for your Tax ID# (number). If you do not know your Tax ID# (number), please have your tax statement available. If you recently purchased the property and have not received a tax statement, please have your recorded deed available. The Tax ID# is required to verify the zoning district for dimensional and setback requirements.

There are currently no instructions available on how to fill out a land use application.


  • A land use permit shall expire 24 months from its date of issuance if the authorized building activity and/or land use alteration has not begun within such time.
  • An incomplete application shall expire four (4) months after written notice from the department to the applicant that the application is incomplete, if it is not completed within such time period.
  • An incomplete or unfinished application shall expire twelve(12) months from the date received by the Planning and Zoning Department, if not completed within such time period unless otherwise already expired.
  • A sanitary permit shall expire two (2) years from its date of issuance.

Informational Documents