Countywide 911 System

Emergency 911 System

Bayfield County's 911 system is operational as of the spring of 2004. The 911 call is the one call that provides access to ambulance, fire, and police coordinated response. Dial 911 to report serious illness or injury, a fire, a crime in progress, or any situation that requires immediate response of ambulance, fire, or police agencies.

When 911 Is Used

When 911 is dialed, you may not hear a ring for ten seconds. It is important that you stay on the line. This time is required for the 911 system to process the call and display the telephone number, address and response information for the dispatcher. The dispatcher will need you to speak slowly and clearly. Tell the dispatcher your name, your emergency, your address (number and road name), the location of the emergency (if different), and your phone number. The dispatcher may ask additional questions in order to collect the needed information and may ask you to hold while notifying the appropriate agencies. Stay on the telephone and do not hang up until told to do so.

Mistake Dialing

If you should dial 911 by mistake, please stay on the line and talk with the dispatcher. This way the dispatcher knows immediately that this call does not require emergency actions. If you do not stay on the line the dispatcher may call you back or send a response to assure no emergency is occurring.

If you have any questions or know a group that would like additional information about 911, please contact us.