Judging Guidelines

What Judges Look for While Judging

The following PDF files give general guidelines as to what the judges may be looking for. The information is aimed at Junior Class exhibitors but is also applicable to Open Class exhibitors.

Of course, all judges use their best judgement in determining the placings for all items. Following these guidelines does not guarantee that you will place.

Please follow any and all rules listed in the Bayfield County Fair premium list for each department or you may be disqualified.

Tips, Guidelines, and Scoring

Department 14 and 114 - Plant and Soil Sciences

Department 15 and 115 - Flowers and Houseplants

Department 20 and 120 - Photography

Department 25 and 125 - Foods and Nutrition

Department 26 and 126 - Clothing

Department 27 and 127 - Knitting and Crocheting

Department 28 and 128 - Home Furnishing