Apply for an Address


New residences or businesses can apply online for an address sign using the Bayfield County Address Application. Pay with a credit card, by mailing a check, or even delivering your payment to the Land Records Department. Additionally, a Paper Form Address Application (PDF) can also be submitted.

Note that you will need your tax ID number, which is available on your tax statement or found online through NOVUS.

Address Post

Your Address Application Fee Includes:

  • Processing applications
  • Assigning a number within the proper sequence and along the correct access road
  • Calling Diggers Hotline for a safe sign installation
  • Adding addresses to the GIS Web Map, Novus tax database, and 911 dispatch system for emergency response
  • Notifying the post office and other entities
  • Ordering the metal sign, fence post, and bolts to ensure proper address visibility in accordance with the ordinance
  • Conducting a site visit to ensure proper address assignment, installation, and completion
  • In the cases of shared driveways, multiple signs may be required to ensure your location can be found easily by emergency responders

Mailbox Guidelines

Please read the Highway Department Policy on Mailboxes (PDF) for guidelines on installing mailboxes.

Looking to Change your Tax Mailing Address?

Submit an address change request using the Tax Address Change Form.

Countywide Address System Ordinance

View the Countywide Address System Ordinance, adopted in 1998, revised in 2005 and 2021.

The intent of the Bayfield County Rural Address Numbering System is to assign each location a unique address which will aid emergency personnel in providing fire protection, emergency medical services, law enforcement services, delivery of mail and meet other general location needs of the public.

In order to locate people in emergency situations and to facilitate rural postal delivery, every residence and place of business in Bayfield County (except the Cities of Washburn and Bayfield) has been assigned a county address. This address is made up of two parts: an address number and a road name. The site address will provide the necessary information to pinpoint a location on a map.

The address number is a four or five digit number based on a grid of 1,000 numbers per mile. The grid starts at the southwest corner of the county. A predominately east-west road will be numbered using the numbers on the east-west grid of 1,000 to 38,000. A predominately north-south road will be numbered using the numbers along the north-south grid of 40,000 to 96,000. Even numbers are on the north and east sides of a road; odd numbers are on the south and west sides of a road. Address numbers get larger going north and east.

County road sign