Coastal Information

Bayfield County is blessed with some of the most scenic shoreline along the Lake Superior coast. From low coastal wetlands to towering sandstone bluffs, the shoreline along Bayfield County exhibits a dynamic range of form and beauty. Our shoreline is a valued natural heritage and a treasured resource for landowners and visitors alike.

Shoreline Erosion

What comes as a surprise to many is that the shoreline along Lake Superior is always changing. Variable lake levels and weathering lead to shoreline erosion. Some of it is very gradual and nearly imperceptible; some can be rapid and catastrophic, as when a bank or bluff breaks apart and slumps downward.

The Bayfield County government is dedicated to protecting our Lake Superior shoreline and has actively supported research on coastal shoreline dynamics over the past several decades. Our goal is to provide objective scientific information to our community so that, together, we may chart the best future for this valued resource.

Bayfield County coast pictures