Fraud & Scams

Scams are all around us, and the number of cases reported to law enforcement is growing. Scams come to us in several ways including by mail, phone, email, internet, and in person. Many of the scams are international and leave the victim with little or no recourse for recovering lost funds. Educate yourself and refuse to be a victim.

Keep these things in mind:

  • If it sounds too good to be is
  • If you are notified you won a lottery or sweepstakes you did not didn't
  • If the brother you did not know you had left you money...he didn't
  • If you are selling an item for $25, and the buyer sends you $2000 and asks you to wire the remainder to is a scam
  • Banks, ebay, PayPal, and other organizations do not need to verify your passwords and accounts
  • If they ask you to send funds by Moneygram or Western Union, don't send it
  • Never give your social security or bank account numbers to those who contact you