Senior Dining & Home Delivered Meals

Home Delivered Meals eligibility

The Older Americans Act (OAA) nutrition services are targeted to older adults who are in greatest social and economic need. Individuals requesting home-delivered meals will be assessed to determine their need for nutrition and other services. In general, the following individuals are eligible to receive home delivered meals: 

• A person aged 60 or older who is frail and essentially homebound by reason of illness, disability, or isolation. 

• A spouse of a person eligible for a HDM as described above, regardless of age or condition. 

• A person with a disability, under age sixty (60), who resides in housing facilities with others 

• A disabled individual who resides at home with an eligible older individual participating in the program. 

 Determination of Need: 

•The individual is unable to leave his or her home under normal circumstances. 

•The person is unable to participate in the congregate meals program because of physical or emotional problems. 

•There is no spouse, domestic partner, or other adult living in the same residence who is both willing and able to prepare all meals. 

•The individual is unable, either physically or emotionally, to obtain food and prepare adequate meals. 

congregate meal status

Per WI Department of Health Services older adults are not recommended to congregate at this time. All congregate meal sites currently closed.

Grab and go 

Grab and Go meals for those 60 and older will be available every THURSDAY in Iron River. Reservations are required! To reserve, call the Bayfield County Congregate Meal Line at 1-715-373-3396 by 12:00 NOON the Monday before you plan to pick up your meal. Leave your name and the site you plan to attend to pick up your meal. Before your first pick-up, you will need to complete an annual registration (Federal funding requirement). SAVE TIME and print the registration form from here:        CARRYOUT MEAL REGISTRATION FORM, complete it and bring it with you.

At the meal pick up, PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE YOUR VEHICLE. Staff will confirm your reservation and bring your meal to your car.  For the safety of staff, you are asked to BRING EXACT CHANGE for your contribution to the meal. The suggested donation is $2.50 per meal. 

Pick up is between 11:30 and 12:30 at the:
Iron River Community Center
8275 East Mill Street
Iron River, WI 54847