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Help preventing gift card scammers

Scammers attempt to convince their victims to submit payments via gift cards for fake tickets, outstanding debts, or to prevent utilities or services from suspension. These imposters prefer payment via gift card because gift cards are like cash. Once you turn over the card number, the transaction cannot be canceled, refunded, or traced, often leaving the victim out hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Gift cards are for gifts, not for payments. Free warning signs are available to retailers for their gift card displays by calling WI DATCP Consumer Protection Hotline (800)422-7128. Consumers who may have been the victim of a scam can file a complaint online at www.datcp.wi.gov.


July 2020 issue of the Living Well Newsletter for Caregivers


This guide was created as a tool to help minimize effects of social isolation and loneliness of older adults
who live in Bayfield County. This is by no means an exhaustive list of resources, but is instead a guide to
assist community members to think outside the box to make connections and continue their
engagement in activities and programs that can be viewed and explored from the comfort of your own


The Governor’s Task Force on Caregiving was created to support and strengthen the direct care workforce, increase access to care, and improve the quality of caregiving in Wisconsin. The Task Force welcomes input from family caregivers, professional caregivers, health care providers and other citizens interested in improving working conditions for individuals who care for people with disabilities and older adults, leading to a better quality of care for the people they serve. Link to The Governor’s Task Force on Caregiving.


Bayfield County Human Services is experiencing a shortage of service providers to assist children with disabilities. We are looking for: mentors, supportive home care workers, daily living skills coaches, respite providers, and in-home nursing staff. We have several children with funding approved from the State of Wisconsin, but no people to provide the services they need. Some of these services are needed on a daily basis, but others are only once or twice per month. If you have experience working with people with special needs, or you have some extra time and kindness to share with a local family, we need you! Please contact the Youth Services Coordinator, Kristin Opperman, at 715-373-6144, ext. 83356 or email Kristin Opperman.