Tickborne Diseases

babesiosis tick

Bayfield County offers a wide-variety of fun, outdoor activities to enjoy. If visiting Bayfield County in the warmer months, one thing to be aware of is tickborne illness. There are a few different species of ticks prevalent in northern Wisconsin, and certain ticks carry diseases that affect humans. The links below provide more information on tickborne illness and how you can protect yourself from becoming ill while enjoying all that Bayfield County has to offer.

Tick Borne Diseases

Tick Borne Diseases can result in very serious illnesses if not treated quickly and effectively.   In our area deer tick bites are of most concern.  If you've been bit by a tick and are developing symptoms or a rash, contact your doctor.   To see symptom and treatment options use this document:  Tickborne Diseases in Wisconsin   or check with the new Wisconsin Department of Health Vectorborne Disease Toolkit

For more information on the specific diseases: