Public Health Preparedness

Bayfield County Health Department is responsible for developing preparedness plans for mass dispensing of medication and vaccinations, conducts disease surveillance and epidemiological investigations, and facilitates and partakes in exercises and drills with other agency partners throughout Ashland and Bayfield Counties. Our staff have advanced training in many preparedness and response capabilities. Within the health department, we have staff specialists in environmental health, epidemiology, disease control, nursing, incident command, and hazardous materials, among other topics. Our department will lead or support responses to emergencies by efficiently mitigating, preparing for, responding to, and recovering from any natural or man-made emergencies and disasters in which the public's health is threatened or impacted.

Power Outages in Bayfield County

For information on food storage during a power outage, see our Power Outages webpage.

Emergency Toolkits for Natural Disasters

Access the following documents for information on what to do in different natural disasters or emergencies.

Flood Toolkit (PDF)

Wisconsin Flood Toolkit (PDF)

Wildfire Toolkit (PDF)

Wisconsin Wildfire Toolkit (PDF)

Extreme Heat Toolkit (PDF)

Wisconsin Extreme Heat Toolkit (PDF)

Additional Public Health Emergency Resources

Use the following icon for additional information on public health emergencies.

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