Childhood Lead Poisoning

Childhood lead poisoning is a significant problem in Wisconsin. Wisconsin consistently ranks in the top 10 states in the nation for number of lead-poisoned children. Lead exposure in young children can negatively impact a child's development; studies show that lead exposure in children can cause reduced IQ, learning disabilities, reduced attention span, developmental delays, and other health and behavioral effects. Most exposure to lead occur in homes or child care centers built prior to 1978 that have chipping or peeling lead-based paint and lead-tainted dust in homes where renovation has been done without using lead-safe work practices. The resources below provide an overview of the damaging effects of lead on children throughout this lives.

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The Bayfield County Health Department follows up with all children who test with an elevated blood lead level above 5ug/dL. We have a skilled nursing and environmental health team that works with parents and landlords if needed to find the sources of lead exposure.

Additional Resources

For information regarding lead poisoning visit Lead Safe Wisconsin or CDC-Lead.

For information on lead-safe renovation and lead-safe work practices visit Contractor Certification and Licensing Information.


Images courtesy of CDC and Wisconsin Department of Health