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The following information is provided to help you as you begin your journey on the Passport to Wellness. A reminder, if you have a medical condition it is always important to consult with your medical provider before beginning any new sort of physical activity.

Converting Steps to Miles

The following table contains approximate conversions to help you estimate how many miles you have walked based upon steps or minutes of hiking. The actual amount of miles walked varies depending on briskness of activity and length of stride.

Steps Minutes Miles
500 5 minutes 1/4 mile
1,000 10 minutes 1/2 mile
2,000 20 minutes 1 mile
4,000 40 minutes 2 miles
6,000 60 minutes 3 miles
8,000 80 minutes 4 miles
10,000 1 hour 40 minutes 5 miles

How Many Calories in a Pound

Calories in a Pound
            3,500 calories =        1 pound of body fat

One pound of fat contains 3,500 calories' worth of energy, so in order to get rid of that body fat, you would either have to consume less food or exercise more throughout your day. Both making healthier food choices and increasing physical activity are good for your health and are important in weight loss programs. However, smaller lifestyle changes such as increasing physical activity by taking a 10-minute walk twice a day or eating fewer sugary snacks tend to have a greater impact on your health and wellness in the long run over short-term, drastic dietary changes. Consult with your provider or a dietitian before beginning any new weight loss programs.

Visit the CDC Balancing Calories webpage for more information.

Centers for Disease Control Balancing Calories website

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