Invasive Species

Invasion at the Bayfield County Fair  

During the 2015 Bayfield County Fair, a few invaders were spotted trying to hide among the flowers and other displays. 

It was pointed out that a few exhibitors had included some invasive plant species specimens in their exhibits. We know this was not intentional, hey, some of those invasive species can be quite pretty! But, this did bring up discussions regarding Invasive Species when they are included as part of an exhibit.

Working with the Bayfield County Invasive Species Coordinator and the Bayfield County Agriculture Agent, we have developed new policy for those exhibiting plant material as part of their exhibits/displays.

Exhibits using plant materials from invasive species and/or protected species will result in disqualification. 

This policy is for ALL departments but will impact for the most part, the Flowers, Plant & Soil Science (gardening) and Home Environment Departments.

We know this rule may seem a bit harsh, but we need to do our best to prevent the spread of these plants to the Fairgrounds or anywhere along the way.

So all of us can stay educated on what is or isn’t considered an Invasive Plant Species, we are including links on this page.