Bayfield County Rustic Yurts

The Cable and Bayfield Yurts are available for rent!

Our rustic yurts have received a great response from renters who have come from around the world to stay at our yurts. They provide a great opportunity to get away from everything and enjoy nature, peace, and quiet (or if you stay at the Bayfield Yurt in the Summer, you'll have nature and peace but you may be serenaded by a distant concert at Big Top Chautauqua). Our yurts are popular so book early!

You can find the rental information on AirBnB: Bayfield Rustic Yurt 1 (Evergreen), Bayfield Rustic Yurt 2 (Terra Cotta) and Cable

For any additional questions email Bayfield County.

Bayfield Rustic Yurt 2 (Terra Cotta)

Bayfield Rustic Yurt 1 (Evergreen)

Cable Yurt