I'm planning to retire, what do I need to do/know?
  1. Contact ETF for your retirement estimate six to 12 months before you think you will retire. This form contains estimates of the amounts you will receive under the various payment options. To apply for your retirement, fill it out and return it to ETF. You can get this estimate by:

 2. Submit a written retirement notice to your Department Head and/or Human Resources. As much advance notice as possible is appreciated to ensure continuity of service to our citizens.

 3. Once the Human Resources office receives your retirement notification, you will be sent access to several forms.  The sooner these forms are completed, the sooner payroll can make the necessary payroll adjustments related to premiums. Forms will vary depending upon which insurances you have enrolled in. Contact the County Clerk’s Office or Human Resources Office for details on when each insurance is effective through.

4. Schedule an exit interview with the Human Resources Office.

5. If you have participated in the HRA for at least 5 years, you are vested and can access the funds in your roll-over account once you retire. These funds may be used for eligible health insurance premiums and eligible medical, dental or vision expenses.

6. Any vacation earned, but not used, plus pro-rated vacation for the partial year will be paid out.

7. Employees may continue county health insurance upon retirement if the following criteria are met:

  • Employee is eligible for retirement under WRS.
  • Coverage ends at age 65.
  • Employee must have been employed by Bayfield County for a minimum of 10 years prior to retirement.
  • Premiums for health insurance are paid 100% by the employee upon retirement.
  • Retirees enrolled in health insurance are not entitled to the HRA.

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