I'm getting married or divorced, what paperwork do I need to do?
  1. Provide an updated Employee Data Sheet to the County Clerk’s Office along with documentation of the legal name change and the effective date.
  2. Complete an enrollment/change form for any insurances to add or delete the spouse or to change a name.  These may include, health insurance, Diversified Benefits Services, ICI, Life, Aflac, Delta Dental, and WRS.  Note that premiums may be effected if you are adding or deleting persons from your coverage.
  3. If you were not enrolled in county health insurance, but wish to enroll as a result of your qualifying event (marriage/divorce), complete the health insurance enrollment form and submit it to the County Clerk's office within 30 days of the qualifying event.
  4. In the case of a divorce, the ex-spouse may apply for continuation of coverage (COBRA) at their cost. Contact the Human Resources Office for the required forms and documentation.
  5. You may want to review your beneficiaries with the WRS if applicable.
  6. You may want to modify your tax withholdings if applicable.

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