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Bayfield County Fair

  1. 2019 Sponsorship Contract

    This is an online version of the Sponsorship Contract

County Administrator

  1. Citizen Committee Member Application

    Application form for citizens to use to apply to become a committee member of a County Committee.

Forestry & Parks

  1. Bayfield County Forest Land Use Plan 2021-2035 - Chapter Revisions

    Please provide comment on the Bayfield County Forest Land Use Plan 2021-2035

  2. Firewood Permit
  1. Bayfield County Forest Land Use Plan 2021-2035 Public Input Form - General

    Please submit input for the 2021-2035 Forestry Plan.

  2. Unopened Cone Permit (DNR Nursery Destination Only)

    For unopened conifer cones that will be sent to a State of Wisconsin Nursery


  1. Face Mask Complaint Form

    This fillable form allows Bayfield County residents or business owners to file a complaint regarding non-compliance with Wisconsin... More…

  2. Online Form to Register for COVID-19 Vaccine

    Register your interest to get the COVID-19 vaccine as soon as it is available for you by using this simple online form.

  1. Isolation Center Food Request

    This form should be filled out for each person or family that needs meal requests when entering the isolation center. Fill out all... More…

Human Services

  1. Citizen Committee Member Application

    Application form for citizens to use to apply to become a committee member of a Human Services Committee.

  2. Medicare Part D
  1. Elder Nutrition Program Partnership survey

    Complete this ENP partnership survey to apply to provide meals in Bayfield County

Land Records

  1. Address Change Form
  2. Northern Area GIS User Group Meeting - Email List

    Please complete this form if you would like to be added to the email list for Northern Area GIS User Group meetings and related events.

  1. Bayfield County Certified Survey Map (CSM) & Plat Review Process

    This form helps determine the CSM or plat review fee amount based on the number of surveyed lots.

  2. PLS Survey Remonumentation Equipment Request


  1. Business Card Order Form
  2. Campground Information

    Please answer all questions.

  3. Publication Order Form

    Order Bayfield County publications for distribution at your location.

  1. Business Listing

    Tell us about your business so that we can add the information to our website!

  2. Event Submission Form
  3. Road Closure/Detour

    Please fill out this form for temporary road closures, detours and other traffic problems.

University of Wisconsin Extension

  1. 4-H CANSKI Membership & Rental Fee Payments

    Notes on Membership Fees: All 4-H CANSKI membership dues go into buying equipment for the club and for kids who cannot afford to buy... More…

  1. Co-Parenting Zoom Class for Ashland & Bayfield County Residents

    An Internet connection, video camera, microphone and active participation are REQUIRED to certify course completion ! Ashland and... More…


  1. Order Visitor Information

    Order Visitor Info