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2022 Bayfield County Fair Exhibit Hall Volunteer Form

  1. Volunteer Sign Up Form
    You will earn a free pass (Daily or Season depending on the number of hours you work) while volunteering at the Fair.
  2. These are the volulnteer dates/times available:

    You can select as many shifts as you would like to work.

  3. Please indicate which Department you would like to volunteer in. For example: Garden, Photography, Cultural Arts, where needed, etc.
  4. Division
    Indicate which Division you would prefer to volunteer in:
  5. Conditions
    As a volunteer of the Bayfield County Fair, I represent the Fair to the public, and I agree to the following: I will be considerate at all times. I will not inform the Judge as to which items belong to me or to my family members. The Judge has the final decision on how items place. I give my permission to use any image(s) of me in any & all types of promotional material for the Bayfield County Fair. If I do not complete my minimum of six (6) hours of volunteer time, I will reimburse the Bayfield County Fair the full cost of my season pass. I have not been convicted of any crimes.
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