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CDBG-CV Micro-Enterprise Business Assistance Application

  1. Introduction
    Bayfield County has received a $250,000 CDBG-CV award from the Wisconsin Department of Administration to provide grants to eligible microenterprise businesses in Bayfield County. The funding targets eligible microenterprise businesses with five (5) or fewer employees, including owner(s). Applicants also must meet low to moderate income requirements.
  2. These grants will reimburse costs that the business incurred resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic or go towards current/future costs resulting from the impact from or response to COVID-19. NOTE: These funds cannot be used to duplicate expenditures for which federal or state funds businesses have already received; however, this does not include federal stimulus payments that were sent to most Americans.
  3. Instructions
    This application form must be completed by the business owner.
  4. Business Owner's Contact Information:
  5. Business Information:
  6. Business located in what county:
  7. Restaurant, Clothing Store, Retail, etc. (be as specific as possible).
  8. Is your business currently in operation?
    Not permanently closed, out of business, or filed for bankruptcy.
  9. Do you have an affiliated business?
  10. Is the affiliated business run through the same S-Corp, LLC, Sole Proprietorship, etc.?
  11. Will these grant funds be used for any past or future expenses related to the COVID-19 Pandemic that are/will be reimbursed by other aid?*
    This grant cannot duplicate/replace any other funds, and/or any funds from the following sources: Paycheck Protection Program, Unemployment Compensation benefits, Insurance claims/proceeds, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) funds, Small Business Administration funds, other Federal/State/Local funding, other nonprofit/private sector/charitable funding.
  12. Federal Employee Identification Number
  13. Please attach at least one of the following: 1. Articles of Incorporation of LLC 2. S-Corp or Certificate of Status (from Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions) 3. Schedule C or Partnership Return
  14. Questions?
    Contact Sheldon Johnson, Executive Director, Northwest Regional Planning Commission at 715-635-2197 or
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