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  1. Bayfield County Forestry & Parks Department
  2. This permit gives permission for the applicant to cut and remove dead or down firewood in compliance with the Bayfield County Miscellaneous Forest Products Ordinance and only in designated areas. Permittees shall show the harvest location in the field if requested by County Forestry personnel. After completing this form, print and display it in your vehicle's windshield while you are harvesting firewood.
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  4. This permit expires one full year from date of issue.

    You may renew your permit by visiting: or by entering "bayfield county firewood permit" in the Google search bar.

    Permit Conditions: Up to 10 full cords of firewood for personal use may be gathered free of charge with this permit. The re-sale of firewood collected under this firewood permit is strictly prohibited. Cutting of wood products for sale is covered under the timber sales portion of the Bayfield County Forest Comprehensive Land Use Plan.

    A. No cutting on active logging operations.

    B. No live trees may be cut.

    C. Do not harvest standing dead trees within 100 feet of roads. A request can be made to the Forestry & Parks Department for a designation on this permit that allows those trees to be cut with an assistant that is present to ensure safety for passing cars.

    D. The removal of cut merchantable products (poles or stacked wood) from a commercial timber sale is prohibited. Timber sale purchasers do not have the contractual right to remove miscellaneous forest products not specified in the timber sale contracts.

    E. Harvesting in an active timber sale requires a permit and written permission from the timber sale purchaser.

    F. Chainsaws, highway legal vehicles and ATV/UTVs in areas designated open to ATV/UTVs are the only motorized equipment that may be used to assist in firewood collection. Logging equiment other than chainsaws may not be used.

    G. Before beginning firewood harvesting activities, you must review the oak wilt firewood harvesting restriction zone map(s). If the area where you’d like to harvest firewood is located within the zones indicated on the map(s), no firewood harvesting can take place between April 15 through July 15, to minimize the spread of the disease. After July 15, in the oak wilt restricted zones, when selecting a dead oak tree for firewood, only those trees that have visible signs of bark sloughing (loose bark) or where the bark is starting to fall off, can be harvested. No cutting of “fresh” dead oak trees will be allowed as part of this firewood permit. These trees may still harbor the disease.

    This firewood permit is intended for the permittee or the permittee's immediate family members, which includes a spouse and any children or guardian children living at the family residence.

    Collecting firewood is prohibited in designated wilderness areas, wild areas, administrative sites, developed recreation sites, within 50 feet of a recreation trail or within 75 feet of any utility line, river, stream, or lake except with written permission from the Forestry & Parks Administrator.

    Permittee agrees to maintain and leave roads unobstructed and in good condition.

    The permittee will not interfere with any commercial timber harvest which may be in the area.

    It is understood that the permittee will at all times follow instructions given to them by the Bayfield County Forestry & Parks Department, State Fire Wardens, or Forest Rangers. The Forestry & Parks Administrator may immediately cancel or revoke this permit for any reason by giving oral or written notice to the permittee.

    Permittee assumes all responsibility for their own protection, and agrees to work in a safe and work-person-like manner, keeping work area free from potential liabilities.

    Permittee indemnifies and holds harmless Bayfield County from any claims, damages, or liability resulting from any action or inaction of the permittee, their employees or agents.

    Violations of this permit will subject the permittee to penalties under the Bayfield County Miscellaneous Forest Products Ordinance and/or fine or imprisonment as contained in Section 26:03 or 26:05 of Wisconsin Statutes.

    117 E. 5th Street, P.O. Box 445, Washburn, WI 54891, Telephone: 715-373-6114 FAX: 715-373-6310
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